Striving to be a home for payments in the field of cryptocurrency, Ciredo wants to enter the payment market at a high rate with several usable plug-ins and vendors.
At Ciredo we know the community is the key to any succesful business. Therefore, we want to listen to the voices of our community and create the ultimate home for cryptopayments on our Platform.

Ciredo payments are instant which makes it a good alternative to fiat, which means no unnecessary long waiting times until the fiat arrives in your account.

Spend, receive and tip Ciredo easily with the plugins we are developing. You can send and receive Ciredo by using one of our official wallets.

The community is getting ''heard'' The community will decide what we will develop on the platform. Be in charge of your own investment!

Ciredo is a SHA-256 based algorithm; it works with PoS and PoW Hybrid. Our investors can earn a return on investment by securing the network through PoS.

Staking Reward

Early Bird
  • First 3 Months
  • Until block number 43.200
  • 50% Return after 3 months
We are here

Staking Reward

Boosted Stakes
  • Second 3 Months
  • Until block number 86.400
  • 25% Return after 6 months

Staking Reward

Stake Reward
  • Next 6 Months
  • Until block number 172.800
  • 5% Return after 3 months

Ciredo Wallets




Soon More

Ciredo Wallets




Soon More

Our Exchanges

Ciredo is partnered with the following exchanges

Connect with our Team

Lead developer


Our lead developer is the architect of a new world of cryptopayments.  Together, with the entire community, he will achieve a new era of crypto.


Content manager

Santiago M. Ibarra Sosa-Salazar

Specialized in Social analytics and anthropology, comunications and socia development.

community manager

This is Ciredo

This is ciredo, a clean direction and symbol. Ciredo doesn’t have a unique face, it has many: the entire community.


Lead Designer

Tuomas Pöllänen

As the head and brains of ciredo, his experience is the very basis of the project.


Community manager

Denise Bristow

Innovative communication skills and a key member of the project leading the voice of the community.


Visual Designer

Rolando Rivas

As the looks and creativity of Ciredo, his experience is the very basis of the project.


Group administration

Pat Köstner

Community is the most important aspect of this project. Our moderators will drive the forum to a constructive space of ideas.


Ciredo is Hiring

A project of this magnitude needs a team of the same size to make sure we meet all our deadlines. We will hire a complete and competent team of lead developers in specific matters and areas when needed, this will put all hands on deck. With a dedicated team we will reach every goal faster, with initiative, adapting to the needs and desires of the community and making us stronger in the crypto market place.


Partners who we collaborate with to bring Ciredo to a broad audience

Roadmap Q1-2019

Ciredo Launch! (DONE)
We will launch Ciredo project, build the telegram channels and execute our OTC deals. Last but not least we will launch the official Ciredo website!
Start community voting system ( beta ) | (DONE)
As you can see we already started the community voting system on the website, you can find this in the menu ''Community Voting''.
Ciredo Introduction video! (DONE)
We as Ciredo believe that an introduction video will create more interaction than only some text and photo's.
22-1-2019 |Exchange Listing (DONE)
We are proud to announce our first listing on Stex Exchange.
25-1-2019 | Partnership Announcement (Community idea) | (DONE)
We are thrilled to announce our first partnership!
28-1-2019 | Launch Tipbotgroup! (community idea) | (DONE)
In our community voting rounds the community voted for a Telegram Tipbot, and we will make this happen.
30-1-2019 | Preview first merchandise (Community idea) | (DONE)
The community told us that they are very interested in Ciredo merchandise, we will make this happen.
1-2-2019 | Partnership Announcement | (DONE)
We are thrilled to announce who our new partner will be.


** The given Dates and times may change under certain circumstances.
*** All partnerships we announce are confirmed.

Ciredo stands for transparency, community and power.

In Ciredo there is no CEO, the road is chosen by the team. In Ciredo the investors are in charge of their own investment like it should be! 
The community can provide ideas and through quarterly votings one idea will get chosen. Then our developers will release this idea on the platform.
Manage | Decide | Own & Coordinate your own investment like you should!